Things You Can Do To Minimize The Occurrence Of Electric Accidents At The Workplace

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Workplace safety is a major concern for mist organization in Australia today due to two reasons; because of the large number of employees working in compact offices which greatly increase the risk of fire hazard and the usage of electricity to power almost everything in an office which exposes the workers to an environment that is flickering with electricity all around them. So, what can a Human Resource manager do to ensure the safety of the loyal workforce of an organization by minimizing the occurrence of electrical accidents at the workplace? Continue reading this article to learn about a few effective methods.

Well insulated and positioned cords

To power the hundreds of electrical equipment of the modern workplace, thousands of electrical wires run about every office corner and this poses a real and significant threat to all those working round them. These cords should ideally be positioned in a place that is both accessible and away from the proximity of workers. The ideal solution is to enclose them in a ladder tray Perth companies do often do and place it along the ceiling. This way the risk of employees getting electrocuted can be reduced to a great extent.

Do not cover the cords with carpets

If there are any electrical cords that run along the office floor, some individuals will cover it with a carpet for convenience or to hide the ugly sight of these. However, this will create an even greater threat because of which certain individuals might trip and fall or the overheating of wires could lead to them catching on fire, putting the lives of everyone at risk. Having installed a cable mesh, it is important that all new electrical cords are enclosed within it and you can get this done by obtaining the services of the same cable mesh suppliers who set it up.

Turn off before repairs

When the tech guy comes over to perform the weekly repairs to the office machinery, it is vital to make sure the equipment is turned off and the plug is removed from the socket before they start working on them. An unfortunate accident because of mere negligence can result in catastrophic events which can even take a life. Therefore, be extra mindful before you crack open a computer or a printer the next time.

Minimize the usage of extension cords

Extension cords are never a good idea as they create electricity leakages and other such problems because of misconnections or overheating. Most employees are likely to take up all the sockets of an extension cord and sometimes, even plug in an extra extension cord to another. Eliminate the need for such troublesome units by providing the adequate number of power sockets each workstation or employee might need.